PrintBoss for Sage 300

PrintBoss by Wellspring Software, a Sage Endorsed Solution
PrintBoss makes it easier, faster and more secure to print all of your accounting documents. PrintBoss is the ultimate print driver for printing checks and accounting forms.

When PrintBoss is used to print checks you can print a check from any bank account onto the same blank check stock. You can make logos or a company name print on the check based on the bank account from which the check is drawn. You can print one or more signatures based on the amount of the check.

For fraud prevention PrintBoss can create a "Positive Pay" file that can be sent to your bank after each check run or at the end of the day to insure that no check is cashed on your account except checks that you have actually written.

Accounting Forms
When PrintBoss is used to print accounting forms you can create multiple copies of the document that can be printed to different printers, faxed or emailed based on whether you have a fax number or an email address. An archival copy can be automatically created and stored by PrintBoss in a directory and with a file name dynamically created based on the company name and the document type and the document number.

PrintBoss Highlights

  • Print all checks onto the same blank check stock
  • Print signatures based on the amount of the check
  • Create a Positive Pay File
  • Print document copies from different trays
  • Print document copies to different printers
  • Print document copies as a fax or an e-mail
  • Create an archival PDF file for each document

Download the PrintBoss Overview Brochure


PrintBoss Enterprise adds the following features:

• Dynamic naming of documents

• Unlimited bank accounts

• Captures graphics sent from host accounting system

• Staple document at printer

• Combine multiple-page emails into a single email as PDF attachment

• Name email attachments by document number, date, etc.

• Send email but omit attachment(s)

• Send outgoing email to Outlook outbox instead of SMTP server

• Print to fax (combine multiple faxes - multiple pages or multiple single-paged faxes - into a single fax for a common fax number

• Print to a PDF file (combine all pages into a single PDF file)

• Print to a TIFF file

 Download the PrintBoss Enterprise Brochure