Sage Data & Analytics

Instant cloud BI for Sage 300 and all your data sources

If you’re a Sage 300 user, your ERP is the brain of your business, continually updating with financial and operational data. ZAP Data Hub for Sage 300 transforms that data into real business intelligence, allowing you to transform that intelligence into increased revenue, cost savings, and competitive advantage.

When senior management asks a simple question like “how many units did we sell in a particular region last quarter?” you should be able to answer it, right? But too often IT managers have to search through Sage 300, perhaps multiple instances of the ERP and/or other databases to find the answer, then spend additional time building a user-friendly report or dashboard.

ZAP Data Hub for Sage 300 features pre-built, customizable Power BI dashboards and an extensive range of other Power BI resources, all available via AppSource. So users, including senior management, can ‘self-serve’ their business intelligence at the touch of a button, gaining valuable and accurate reports to answer their business questions.