Info Explorer for Sage 300

Developed by Orchid Systems, Info-Explorer is a powerful, intuitive analysis tool that allows you to explore your Sage 300 (Accpac) data and other data, providing insight to help you increase the performance of your business.

Info-Explorer helps address the following issues experienced by many businesses today:

  • Lack of accurate and timely information resulting in guesswork and poor decision making.
  • Too much information to analyse easily.
  • Key operational data not available for easy analysis.
  • Time consuming and inefficient processes to prepare data.
  • Over reliance on spreadsheets.
  • Business and productivity monitored using intuition and not operational metrics and targeted financial outcomes.


Info Explorer will help you:

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • Make key business information available, resulting in better decision making.
  • Improve customer service and loyalty through better customer insight.
  • Gain visibility to potential problem areas.
  • Free the IT Dept. from routine reporting issues.
  • Leverage your existing investment in Sage 300 to gain real time visibility to business processes.
  • Improve financial performance.


Unlike static reports, Info-Explorer gives you a core of information where you control the view – adding, deleting, and changing what you show – and seeing it at once.

Info-Explorer allows you to summarize, drill down into and filter your Sage 300 data in real time, giving you a clear insight into your business operations, helping you make the right decision, every time.

Unlike spreadsheets, there is no need to insert, cut, paste and check formulae and any links or deleted columns. This easy manipulation of information that you see is made possible because huge amounts of data are summarised in the background for easy analysis. In-memory technology ensures fast results. Info-Explorer allows easy changing of views without the dangers of spreadsheets or needing spreadsheet knowledge.

Use Info-Explorer to analyse sales, financial results, costs, inventory, purchasing and supply chain, operations, manufacturing, customer service and more. Use Info-Explorer for alerts and investigative analysis, your own detective tool.
Info-Explorer helps address the following issues experienced by many businesses today:

  • Turn your Sage 300 data into OLAP cubes and dashboards.
  • Real time - analyse your data in real time, “slice and dice,” with drilldown to data entry screens.
  • External data - include data from other application databases (SQL).
  • Easy formatting - create your own styles to highlight results – e.g. “traffic light” reporting.
  • Versatile, economical, flexible:
    From one cube - create and save multiple Views.
    From single View – create and save multiple Charts.
  • Dashboards - create your own, based on views and charts.
  • Calculations – include user defined calculations on cube data.
  • Standard cubes included for GL, AR, AP, OE, PJC, RMA, to simplify & speed up getting started.
  • Export Views to Microsoft Excel®, CSV and HTML.
  • Works on or off-line.
  • Users do not need to be logged into Sage 300 or need Lanpaks unless they drill down to Sage 300
    data entry screens from the cube.
  • Optionally schedule and distribute cube extracts with Orchid’s Process Scheduler module.

Download the Info Explorer Brochure

Click video below for a brief overview of Orchid's Info-Explorer add-on module for Sage 300.
Business Intelligence at an affordable price, with integrated budgeting & forecasting.

More in-depth Info-Explorer demo which shows several separate features: