Sage annonce sa nouvelle suite applicative d'entreprise

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Integrated Suite based on new Accpac ERP 5.5 and SageCRM also adds analytical dashboards Richmond, BC – Sage Software announced today its new Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite consisting of Sage Accpac ERP version 5.5 with integrated CRM. The Suite combines the benefits of ERP and CRM to support integrated front and back office business processes and workflow. This improves decision making ability by providing insight into what is happening within the business, enhances collaboration between departments and facilitates improved customer relationships by providing employees from across the business with one complete and consistent view of the customer. “Small and medium-sized businesses need simple, integrated business processes, workflows, and access to reliable information,” said Laurie Schultz, Sage Software general manager for Sage Accpac. “An extended enterprise solution provides transparency and control over the entire business. With simplicity in product and pricing, new, improved support offerings, and better synchronization of complementary application availability, the convenience and value offered by our new Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite is our next step in that direction, and you’ll see more of this approach from Sage Software in the future.” CRM, Analytical Dashboards Now Included Sage Accpac ERP now includes SageCRM, an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy Customer Relationship Management solution comprising Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Automation. Simplified workflow is also supported through tighter integration with Sage Accpac HRMS (human resource management system) and Sage FAS Fixed Assets. Also supporting an extended view of the enterprise is the new analytical dashboards feature. The dashboards provide easily accessed snapshots of the business that help managers better analyze, predict, and manage business performance. Key performance indicators, such as age of accounts, are instantly available, providing alerts that can be turned into actions through collections, payables and other tasks, resulting in potential cost and cash flow improvements. This latest version of Accpac also provides significant usability enhancements throughout the system, including a new Account Rollup feature that supports automatic account consolidation in the general ledger, new multicurrency revaluation options, and streamlined processes for managing job tracking. Simplification—In Product and Pricing With this latest Accpac version, product delivery has been simplified as has pricing. The functionality from 10 Sage Accpac Options products is now built in, including additional languages, GL Security, inquiry features, and Lot Tracking with Serialized Inventory, among others. Overall pricing has been further simplified and streamlined with more competitive Canadian pricing, similar pricing for the latest versions of Microsoft® SQL Server® and Pervasive.SQL® server, and a special, introductory “per user” pricing offer available for new customers from now until June 18th.(1) Support—New Sage Accpac Online Community As part of the new Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite launch, a new Sage Accpac Online Community, at, has been launched to provide peer-to-peer online support alternatives for users, as well as fostering better communication and collaboration between Sage Accpac users, business partners, and Sage Software. The new Sage Accpac Online Community includes a new forum, blogs, a comprehensive Knowledgebase, centralized online support tools for easy accessibility, and Customer Support Technicians monitoring and participating in the forums and online chat rooms on a full-time basis. Synchronization—All Complementary Applications Available Within 90 Days Sage Software is committed to delivering 5.5 compatible versions of complementary app