SageCRM v7.1 Available June 22, 2011: Communicate, Collaborate, and Compete

SageCRM v7.1 with Sage ERP Accpac Integration builds upon the core value proposition by delivering the functionality customers need to communicate more effectively, collaborate better internally, and compete in today’s marketplace.

The new features in SageCRM v7.1 have been designed with the user in mind. We are committed to making SageCRM as easy as possible to use, deploy, personalize, and access regardless of device or location. The new features in this release help move the needle in the right direction.

Sage E-marketing—a fully integrated email marketing solution.
o Includes 50+ attention-grabbing e-marketing templates, smart-sending features, and the ability to track open, click and bounce rates all within SageCRM. Drip marketing functionality will be available with the release of service pack 1.

Total Campaign Management —enables easy execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns.
o Successful campaigns can be cloned and re-used.
o Supports full campaign workflow allows campaigns to be mapped to current business processes, delivering consistent execution.

Communications Management—NEW Exchange server integration.
o MS Exchange server synchronization allows users to access real-time calendar, task and contact information within SageCRM across multiple devices (computers, laptops, smartphones), regardless of what email client they are using.

Interactive Dashboard—link multiple gadgets on a single screen.
o Gadgets on the freestyle interactive dashboard are now completely flexible.
o Users can re-size and re-position gadgets, enabling them to personalize the data and how it is presented to them.

New Report Charts—better business management with enhanced at-a-glance reports.
o The new look and feel of the report charts provide enhanced graphical analysis and can be created quickly and easily.

Download the What's New in SageCRM 7.1 Datasheet

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