As we have every year for as long as we can remember, a few of us here at D&A attended Sage’s (previously Accpac’s) yearly conference to see and hear what excitement they have up their sleeve for the coming year.

This year did not disappoint with the announcement by Sage’s new North American CEO, Pascal Houillon, that Sage will be dropping its product brand names over the next two years in North America in favour of a combination of company name and numbers that are used in the rest of the world to label its applications. Accpac’s new name has not been formally announced but it will be “Sage ERP” + “a Number” reflecting it’s positioning in the hierarchy of enterprise resource planning solutions. The initiative will be launched in conjunction with a major push by Sage to have customers and prospects identify with the larger Sage Brand worldwide rather than the brands that have achieved success on a geographically smaller area.

For information about Sage’s branding effort, read Toward a Strong Sage Brand