New Sage Simply Accounting 2012 Helps Improve Business Efficiency and Payroll Processes for Canadian Small Businesses

RICHMOND, B.C. - Sage North America announced today the release of Sage Simply Accounting 2012, an essential accounting tool for small to midsized businesses seeking to streamline their operations, improve their work flow and carry out more efficient accounting activities, from keeping track of their inventory to getting paid faster.

Sage Simply Accounting 2012 builds on its state-of-the-art features developed from years of customer and partner feedback and includes new and improved features that help small businesses speed up especially focused on payroll processes, increasing efficiency and making it easier than ever to remain compliant.

“Results of our recent Sage Global Business Index survey indicate that many Canadian businesses list sales and marketing and employee recruitment among their top investment plans,” said Nancy Harris, vice president and general manager of Sage Simply Accounting. “The new payroll features in Sage Simply Accounting 2012 will help those businesses eliminate and streamline some of the burdensome payroll processes allowing owners more time to concentrate on what they really want to do—grow their business.”

Sage Simply Accounting 2012 helps make life—and business—easier and more efficient for small businesses. New features include:

Improved payroll capabilitiesSage Simply Accounting 2012 makes payroll activities a breeze:

•Redesigned windows allow for faster and more flexible payroll
•Switch between paying one employee to multiple employees on-the-fly
•A new Quebec benefit income type tracks Quebec employee benefits more accurately
•Payroll advances with withholding amounts are automatically calculated and withheld ensuring compliancy with CRA regulations
•Efficient management of WCB rates and federal and provincial tax credits for all employees

Improved reporting capabilities—Users only see the details they need. For reporting flexibility, inactive customers and vendors can be filtered out while accounts with zero balances can be omitted from financial reports.

Tracking and paying remittances using any payment method—With more payment options for tracking and paying remittances, users can now record remittance payments made with cash, cheque, credit card or direct deposit.

Smart and comprehensive reports—New reports in Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence allows users to create detailed reports. A comprehensive project income statement report helps small business owners see the overall state of their business and achieve their business goals.

Adaptability that mattersSage Simply Accounting 2012 Enterprise edition is now available for up to 40 users.

Moreover, Sage Simply Accounting 2012 continues to be the only truly bilingual accounting software that supports multicurrency invoicing on the market.

“I have relied on Sage Simply Accounting for 16 years to manage my clients’ and my own accounting needs,” said Dianne Mueller, owner of Soma Small Business Solutions and Sage Simply Accounting certified consultant. “The use of partner and customer feedback in the development of new versions of the software is so apparent. Improvements to payroll have been on my wish list and Sage Simply Accounting 2012 solves my needs. The ability to automatically calculate and withhold the statutory deductions from advances given to employees will ensure that companies are now compliant with CRA regulations, while the new Payroll Cheque Run Window is very clear and user-friendly. The fact that improvements are based on what users ask for and need is what has encouraged my loyalty to the product.”

Delivering information to customers’ fingertips at retail
Sage Simply Accounting 2012 has a wide range of solutions to meet different businesses’ needs. From First Step to Premium editions, Sage ensures that the same simple and reliable accounting system can grow with companies and meet their changing requirements. Sage Simply Accounting 2012 comes with a QR code on the box that can be instantly scanned with any smartphone to provide additional information on which edition would best fit their needs.

“Sage Simply Accounting’s QR code is specifically designed to help buyers in the last stage of the purchasing process,” said Harris. “By linking them to a mobile website with comprehensive information on the edition they are interested in, the QR code gives potential buyers the information they need right at their fingertips to make an informed purchase decision.”