On March 26th, we’re hosting the “Advanced Budgeting Solution for Non-Profits & First Nations” webinar.

Discover how True Sky can be the catalyst for positive change in your financial management processes. Whether you’re a non-profit organization seeking efficiency or a First Nations community striving for transparency and compliance, this webinar is your gateway to a new era of financial empowerment.

Together we’ll discuss:

  • Key features and functionality for your budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes
  • How True Sky streamlines financial processes and addresses specific needs for non-profit organizations and First Nation communities
  • A live software demo
  • How True Sky integrates seamlessly with Sage 300
  • What the implementation and support process look like from a team of budgeting experts

Join us on March 26th at 1pm ET. We can’t wait to see you there! 

The D&A Team