What to do When You've Outgrown your Small Business Accounting System


Prospective clients often say to me:  "I have system X, and I need a new accounting system.  What are my options? and Can you come and give me a demo?"  

As much as I want to wow them with what the latest systems can do, these questions are not easily answered without more insight into why the questions are being asked in the first place.  If I don't understand what your current system can and can't do and what you need in a new system and why, then it is hard for me to make a recommendation that will succeed in moving your business forward.

To help you with this task, Sage has leveraged their 30+ years' experience with small & midsized businesses to put together Growing Pains: What to Do When You’ve Outgrown Small Business Accounting Software, a free whitepaper designed to guide you in selecting the right solution to support your growing business.

I'm making it available for you to download here.

Hope it can help you define your needs and get you ready to make your move!