The Competitive Advantage of a Modern ERP System

Forward-moving organizations are always on the lookout for ways to boost productivity, reduce costs, make smarter decisions, manage growth, and gain a competitive advantage.

Today’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions address these challenges by making it easier to streamline business processes, eliminate duplicate data entry, improve customer service, and deliver real-time reports and analytics for better decision-making.

Companies that implement an ERP strategy and software solution quickly gain a competitive advantage in our quick-paced and high-tech business world.

Here are 6 quick ways a modern ERP system can help you gain a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced, high-tech business world:

Better Business Intelligence - Integrated business intelligence can help you better manage your organization’s performance with real-time dashboard analytics, reports, alerts, and key performance indicators.  You also get a snapshot of cash flow, inventory, customer insight and profitability and more to make more informed business decisions.

Integrated CRM - With CRM software integrated to your accounting system, you’ll have a centralized view of all customer/vendor/partner information including, summary information, contacts, sales opportunities, communications, contact information, documents, support cases, transaction information and anything else you need to track in relation to them.  Your whole organization can then work together to contribute to that one source of information and use this information to improve your customer's experience with your company.  You’ll attract and retain customers, strengthen customer loyalty, and discover new revenue opportunities.

Accessibility to your data - Modern ERP can connect you to your data through the internet using  your computer or mobile device resulting in quicker access to your information.  Keep your entire team in the know and able to work more effectively in the office or on the road.

Global compatibility - Today’s modern business is global and so should their ERP system.  No longer needing localized solutions for each country can increase the efficiency of managing locally and reporting back centrally to a head office location.

Easier Compliance - Simplify governance, risk, and compliance management by automatically enforcing financial management standards and delivering audit trails and compliance reporting.

Affordability & ROI - Modern ERP systems delivers a much higher return on investment and a low total cost of ownership making them much more affordable.  Advanced web-based architecture and stable databases save time and money by making the software much easier to install, implement, integrate, maintain, and upgrade.

In summary, today's modern ERP systems can give your entire organization the kind of boost in efficiency and productivity to help you maintain your competitive edge.