Streamlining your Service Business with Web-based Project Management

Did you miss our latest webcast on March 26th, 2013 entitled Web-based Project Management using TimeLinx for Sage CRM

If so, or if you were hoping to have another look, please click the link below to launch a download of the demonstration to your browser.

Watch the recorded webcast (note that it may take a few minutes to load to your system)

TimeLinx is one of the solutions we use in our service business.  In 2012, we integrated it to our Sage CRM /Sage 300 ERP (formerly called Accpac ERP) system and the resulting increase in efficiency was immediate.  Time entries are now entered and submitted via the web from anywhere (no more paper timesheets sent to the office) as are edits and approvals. Once approved, the invoices are generated in Sage 300 ERP and e-mailed to clients.  This has resulted in a much quicker invoice to payment cycle.

On the project side, we now have better insight into the overall project status and profitability.  What work (tasks) has been done? What's left?  How much time has been applied to each task, and by whom?  All from within our CRM system, using a simple web browser.

Therefore, if you were thinking of bringing in a project management tool (like MS Project), but wanted it on the web, accessible on any device, but without the complexity of MS Project, then this might be a solution to consider.  It gives you many of the features of MS Project, along with time & expense entry, approvals, invoicing, collections and much more all available by browser.  Can MS Project do all that?  Not as far as I am aware and that is why I think you might want to review this demo.

A couple of points to note on the recording:

If you jump to the ten minute mark of the presentation, you will see the new Sage CRM dashboards that come with TimeLinx, including the new Gantt Charts feature. 

If you were interested in seeing the mobile client for making time entries using a smartphone or tablet, go to the 48 minute mark of the presentation. 

Lastly, if your projects are more complex, TimeLinx has an import/export to MS Project feature to bring in the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) so you can get the best of both worlds! Definitely a very unique solution that I have not come across in our market space before! 

Hope you enjoy the demo and don’t be shy with your feedback!