Sage Mobile Sales App gets update

Prod-Sage-Mobile-Sales.jpgJust over a year ago, Sage introduced the launch of a series of cloud-based mobile solutions that connected to their on-premise ERP system. 

We jumped on board with this new mobile strategy as we could clearly see the value that doing away with double entry would bring to many of our clients.

What we also discovered over the past year was that clients wanted more…and this month we are pleased to see Sage release a new, updated version with many of these feature improvements including:

Improved Customer Screen making it easier to read and locate information, such as monthly and year-to-date sales, frequently purchased items, and more.

Item Purchase History, which allows sales reps to see recent order history including items their customer has purchased over the last 24 months, the purchase dates, quantity and price. It also shows customers' year-to-date purchases next to the previous year, for at-a-glance trend information.

Customer Access Control, which adds the ability to limit the sales rep access to the their own customers.

Add Item Button always visible when adding to an existing quote.

Compatibility with Surface Pro Tablets in addition to iPads.

If you want to know more and missed the customer preview webcast from November 13th, you can access the recorded session here.