Modernizing the Accounts Payable Process

AP-automation -webcast

Many areas of the accounting process are being modernized and now it's time to look at Accounts Payable (AP), which has always been a very time-consuming and labour intensive part of accounting. 

Sage, whose products have been spearheading this renaissance, has recently introduced a new Sage-branded product called Sage AP Automation, created & powered by a company called Beanworks whose sole purpose is "the modernization of the entire AP process from the purchase decision to invoice approval with electronic payments included in the experience."

Sage AP Automation will save your organization the time required to manually enter AP data.  It will also make your organization more efficient by streamlining your process if it involves approvals and paper filing.  From a cost perspective, it is a different way to look at the real cost of processing your accounts payable invoices and will allow your organization to focus on the revenue generation activities instead of the paperwork. 

If you want to know more, visit our Sage AP Automation page on our website or make sure to join us at our full-day event on October 3rd.