Doing ERP-integrated sales from mobile devices - Part II

As a follow-on to my first post in this series, I wanted to highlight the accounting-integrated sales process that companies with a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can benefit from. 

The CRM system, which is much more user-friendly than an accounting system, shares data with the ERP system.  Quotes and orders can then be generated in relation to a specific customer opportunity and emailed directly from within the CRM system. The benefit of this process is that these quotes and orders are actually being created in the "accounting" side of the ERP system which becomes the single source for customer contact, shipping and billing information, thereby reducing the chance of errors and the need to re-key the information into the system.

As CRM is a web-based application, this can be done on any web connected PC, Laptop or Tablet, anywhere in the world.  The quote can then be promoted to an order and fulfilled from one system.  Lastly, the documents are stored electronically for future paperless reference and the inventory numbers and credit history of the account are all available from within the CRM system or the accounting system assuming security rights allow access.

Click here to see a video demonstration of ERP-integrated Quotes and Orders in Sage CRM.

In Part III I'll show how you can use an iPad to do live quotes, orders and take on-site payments directly into your system.