Making the Most of your Sage 300 data

Nowadays, with software managing everything from sales and CRM, to accounting and inventory, companies have more data than ever and are struggling to keep up. Simply put, it’s getting harder to manage all that information and make sense of it all. 

But luckily there is a modern business intelligence tool for Sage 300 that can transform all that raw data into meaningful reports so you can adapt to industry changes, find new opportunities, and make more effective decisions.  It's called Sage Intelligence Reporting (SI).

Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

SI is a real-time reporting tool that allows you to spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it and making strategic decisions. This powerful reporting tool pulls data from across your entire business into a single location where you can slice, dice, and analyze the numbers using familiar Microsoft Excel-based features like charts, graphs, and pivot tables.

It takes all the data from across every module in your Sage accounting system (as well as external data sources too) and converts it a more digestible format using features like:

Visual Dashboards - making it easy to identify and analyze things like high volume products, top performing salespeople, and trend lines.

Reporting Trees - to create a visual model of your company’s departments, business units, and reporting structure without changing any underlying financial data.

Report Designer - makes creating and customizing your reports a breeze with tools like drag-and-drop layouts, wizard-driven layouts, or a special task pane in Excel.

Report Distribution - provides fully unattended scheduling and report delivery to a file, ftp site, or email address.

A Great Financial Reporter (FR) Replacement  

For those of you in the Sage 300 world that have been using the Financial Reporter (FR) to do your General Ledger (GL) reporting, at some point you will need to convert to SI as Sage has plans to retire the FR tool.  When that time comes, the only reporting tool that will be included with Sage 300 will be SI.  

Since Version 5.6, a SI Report Manager User licence has been included with your Sage 300/Accpac system.  Additional features and functionality have been added to the Report Manager User and the Report Viewer User licences since then, as well as a Connector Module to connect your SI to more than one Sage 300 database or external data sources, and the Report Designer add-in that allows for the automation of financial report generation.

Many of our long-time clients running Sage 300/Accpac have resisted making the leap to the better Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting as they have built themselves a large library of FR reports that are key to their business financial reporting and they felt that the conversion would be difficult, time consuming and costly. 

As you may expect, D&A is able to help you in this process and the good news is that with recent releases of Sage 300 and SI, Sage has added new features that make it much easer to convert your FR reports to SI.  This means that for those end users that are fairly comfortable working in Excel, you may now be able to convert your reports on your own. 

Click the link for a video showing the conversion process from Financial Reporter to SI.

or Download the Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting Financial Reporter to Sage Intelligence Conversion Guide.

A Great FRx Replacement

Widely-recognized as the “defacto” replacement for Microsoft FRx, Sage Intelligence Reporting does so much more than just fill the void. While FRx only pulled financial data from your general ledger, SI pulls data from across your entire system - including inventory, sales, and customer data - to give you a complete 360 degree view of your business beyond just the financials.

And to make your transition from FRx as smooth as possible, SI features an FRx conversion tool that migrates your existing reports, as well as a nice set of pre-defined report templates that allow you to get up and running quickly without having to build new reports from scratch.

Click the link for a video showing the conversion process from FRx to SI.

Contact us if you want to know more or visit the Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting Online Community to access videos, webcasts, guides, and other helpful resources.