Sage CRM 2023 R1 was released to the North American market in mid-April 2023.

The changes in Sage 2023 R1 include improvements to the user interface, Email and Contact Import features launched in 2022 R2, the ability to edit mail merge documents and files attached to a Company or Task, as well as a new artificial intelligence feature called the Company Narrative.

The most noticeable change is the refreshed user interface that is now consistent with the new visual identity of the Sage brand and improves the overall customer experience. It includes a new font, a new set of recognizable and consistent icons as well as a new colour scheme that improves the overall accessibility of the UI.

The previous Sage CRM release also launched the ability to connect to Exchange Online to import email messages into Companies, Persons, and Opportunities. This release takes it a few steps further by allowing importing of emails into Cases and custom entities as well.

Users will no longer need to install a plugin to view and edit mail merge templates or files attached to a Company or Task. The file can simply be downloaded locally, edited then uploaded back into CRM. This improvement enables users to edit files using any web browser that is supported by Sage CRM.

The new Company Narrative tab uses deterministic AI to analyze sales, service, and communication data then group it in one place using simple language.

For system administrators, Sage has improved security by giving you the ability to specify which file extensions you will allow to be uploaded into CRM. This replaces the current set up where you specify the extensions that you want to exclude. They have also made it possible to customize the login screen so that you can display and position your logo as well as change the entire background.

Lastly, this version adds support for hosting your database on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022 .

To access the full release notes document including a listing of all the customer cases that have been addressed and other documentation for Sage CRM 2023 R1 visit the Sage CRM Help Center.