Sage CRM 2022 R2 was released Worldwide in August then to the North American market in mid-September for those of us with Sage 300-integrated systems.

This is the second release update for Sage CRM in 2022 and it includes a continuation of Sage’s planned renewal of features that have become outdated due to changes in companion technologies.  In this release, the focus is on the removal of all browser plugins that require additional local installations.  Many of these were built on the once industry-leading and popular Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft.  These integrations have been replaced with a direct link to a user’s cloud-based mailbox and contact list in order to use this information to create new contacts and align emails with Companies & contacts within the CRM. 

That said, Sage CRM 2022 R2 now includes the ability to import contacts from your Exchange 365 online account and store them as Person or Lead records.  If the Company for that contact exists in CRM then it will be associated with that Company, otherwise it will be imported as a Lead record.  Similarly, Email messages  can be accessed from your hosted email and filed against a Company, Person, or Opportunity record in Sage CRM.

This feature replaces the Classic and Lite Outlook Integration which will no longer be included in new installations of Sage CRM. 

If you upgrade from a CRM version where the Classic or Lite Outlook Integration is enabled, enabling the import of contacts and email messages does not disable the existing Classic or Lite Outlook Integration.  You should note, however, that Sage Support will not address any issues related to the plugins with this version going forward.

Next, this release lets system administrators configure the maximum password length in addition to the minimum length and apply this feature to users.

Lastly, this version adds support for hosting your database on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2019 Web Edition.

To access the full release notes document including a listing of all the customer cases that have been addressed and other documentation for Sage CRM 2022 R2 visit the Sage CRM Help Center.