Sage CRM 2022 R1 was released in February and is now available for Sage 300-integrated systems in the North American market.

Sage continues to reiterate it’s commitment to Sage CRM with two releases a year which amount to substantial improvements in the product over the past few years, both for existing users and administrators as well as those considering the product going forward.

Here are some of the improvements you’ll find this time around:

With the popularity of cloud hosting servers and solutions, having the ability to connect Sage CRM to an  Azure SQL Database makes perfect sense.  The Sage CRM Setup now provides a new option to connect to a Microsoft Azure SQL database.  If you’re interesting in know more about the Microsoft’s Azure SQL database solutions refer to this explanation from Microsoft.

Next, for CRM administrators, Sage has included the ability to make several adjustments that can help improve performance.  For example, if you’ve been using Sage CRM as we have for the past 15+ years you’ve likely logged quite a few Communications, referring to the Sage CRM term for the tab that contains appointments, tasks, e-mails and actions associated with a company, contact or underlying module such as sales opportunities.  To tackle this, Sage has given us the ability to mass delete communications to improve system performance by reducing the size of the Sage CRM database.  There is also the ability now to change the default location of log files which can prevent problems caused by growing logs depleting storage space.  Another one is the ability to efficiently update the security territories on all leads, cases, or opportunities by using the Group list functionality.

As in most new versions they’ve added support for new software.  Most important is that this release is the first version of Sage CRM to be tested and supported for Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system for PC’s.

Also, in addition to the Azure SQL database support mentioned earlier, Sage CRM is now being distributed with Microsoft’s SQL Server 2019 Express, a no-cost database start-up solution which is quite adequate for smaller implementations.

To access the full release notes document and other documentation for Sage CRM 2022 R1 visit the Sage CRM Help Center.