Sage CRM 2021 has been released from development in Ireland and should soon be available in our market after it is tested for integration compatibility with Sage 300.

There are a number of improvements that may be of interest to those currently using a version of Sage CRM and those considering it in the future.

In step with Microsoft, Sage CRM 2020 R2 introduced Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0) for use with Office 365 Exchange Integration and this version continues this progression with the ability to setup email configuration or Email Management with OAuth 2.0 for connecting to an Outlook or Gmail mailbox.

Next, starting from version 2021 R1, all telephone numbers in Sage CRM will be formatted as telephone hyperlinks.  You will be able to use the link to make a call on any phone-capable device or computer.  On a desktop computer, when you click a telephone link, you are normally prompted to select an application such as Skype or you can now connect your Android Phone using Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

Making changes to the columns on lists and grids in CRM is getting the same treatment as customizing screens currently has.  Lists are displayed when you select a tab within the context of company, case, lead, opportunity, solution, or person.  Grids are used to display the results of a search for a person, lead, case, opportunity, and so on.

Grids are also displayed on the Company Quick Look tab.  Now System Administrators will be able to access an inline customization mode to change lists and grids.  The Inline customization mode enables you to immediately see the result of a change in an interactive way.  Using this customization method, you will also be able to determine the name of a list or grid without having to click through them all to figure out the correct one.

Another new and welcome feature is the Self-service password recovery.  As is common on most ecommerce websites, this feature will allow users to reset their Sage CRM password without contacting the system administrator which is now the case.  It works the same way as the eCommerce sites, resulting in the Sage CRM server sending an automated email containing a password reset link to the email address associated with the user.

Lastly, other improvements in this release include support for virtual machines residing on Microsoft’s Azure platform as well as Microsoft SQL Server version 2019 up to and including CU 8 and 2017 up to and including CU22.  Improvements are also being made to support easier development on the platform which in turn helps our clients do more with the product.