SIA Screen

Sage Inventory Advisor is an industry-leading tool for Sage 300 clients with inventory (in one or multiple locations) that want to $ave time purchasing, and money in inventory. It will help you will increase working capital, improve customer service, and get rid of the guesswork related to planning and managing your warehouse and purchasing.

The easy-to-use, on-demand planning dashboards will monitor the health of your inventory by letting you know what dead stock you need to get rid of and what stock you need to pull in to meet projected demand.  It will also allow you to run what-if scenarios to test different options which you can then use to auto-generate your Purchase Orders in you Sage 300 at the push of a button. This will help you reduce time and effort as well as mistakes.

If you are considering a jump to Sage 300c, Sage is now offering a lite version called Sage Inventory Advisor Basic as part of the Sage 300c Gold Plan Subscription. This version may be robust enough for most customers, but if not, it offers an easy, low-cost way to confirm the benefits of the solution and let you determine if you would benefit from the full solution.

If you have not seen Sage Inventory Advisor before, or were wondering if it might be a good option for your organization, I would urge you to consider attending the live interactive webinar we are hosting November 30th.  The presentation will review and compare the features in the new Sage Inventory Advisor Basic offering and the full Sage 300 Inventory Advisor.