A couple of months ago, we were introduced to the new 2018 version of CRM which improved on the new interface and calendar from version 2017 and in April we wrote about the changes in R2.

Today I’m going to cover the updates in Release 3 (R3) which launched in September.

In this release, the Calendar received some features & enhancements that continue to make the experience better.

You can now use the quick method to create appointments for other users in the My CRM calendar of other users…assuming you have the rights of course.  Both you and the user to whom the calendar belongs are added to the User field of the appointment you create.

To use screen space more efficiently, you can now view all items in My CRM calendar as a list which you can then sort, filter, edit, or delete.  The columns in the list can also be modified by your System Administrator.

Quick Find continues to receive improvements as well.  You can now search by postal address, email address and phone number.  Entering all or part of a phone number will return the most relevant records making this feature quite incredible at getting you to your data quickly.

If you’re using the MailChimp integration you’ll like that you can now set the status of a MailChimp campaign to Closed which is really convenient when you start to have a long list of campaigns like I did.

And lastly, they’ve included better support for Unicode characters in email messages , including special characters and the ever-present emojis.

Want to know more?  Watch the video below and/or visit the Sage CRM 2018 R3 release notes on help.sagecrm.com where you can now conveniently find all the documentation for all supported versions of Sage CRM.