A couple of months ago, we were introduced to the new 2018 version of CRM which improved on the new interface and calendar from version 2017.  Last month 2018 R2 became available on April 18.

In this release, the development team addressed over 50 customer cases as well as making a number of improvements and additions.  We continue to see enhancements to the calendar, including the ability to filter by a range of criteria, and display calendar dates in a variety of preferred formats.

The new Quick Find feature has been improved as well, including the ability to configure the maximum number of on-screen results returned in a search.  This feature is amazing at finding the record you’re looking for in a snap.  It does a full match search combined with wildcard search and provides increased relevancy scoring on results.

The display of the Main Menu has now been optimized for variable screen widths which is good for narrow screen such as smartphones.

Customer data can now be flagged and deleted as well as marketing consent sought thanks to the new GDPR legislation coming in Europe.

MailChimp integration results can now be viewed by Person and Company.

Want to know more?  Watch the video below and/or visit the Sage CRM 2018 R2 release notes on help.sagecrm.com where you can now conveniently find all the documentation for all supported versions of Sage CRM.