Over the years, Sage 300, now officially called “Sage 300cloud”, has transitioned to a subscription-based hybrid model that maintains its roots as an on-premise solution and adds on a cloud-connected layer (see image below) that leverages the power of the internet while maintaining the secure data infrastructure from the server-based model. 

This has given our customers the ability to move towards the cloud at their own pace without losing the familiar and stable desktop product.  In addition to being able to incorporate cloud-connected services such as AP Automation and eCommerce, users now have the flexibility to use a web interface to access Sage 300 from anywhere at any time in addition to the standard classic screens which have also been refreshed in the past year. 

To give those that have not had a chance to see the newest versions of the two interface options now available to Sage 300c subscribers*, we asked Renee LiMura, a Sage Sales Engineer for Sage 300cloud & Sage CRM to record a video showing an overview of Sage 300’s desktop and web user interfaces for those that haven’t had a chance to see them compared and contrasted. 

*Call us if you’re not sure whether you have a Sage 300c subscription.