The Value of Dimensional Accounting

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With today’s technological advancements, ERP systems and accounting software have given operational users and business managers access to a broader range of informational data. Although traditional monthly financial statements still play a major role in strategic decisions, daily operational decisions are becoming increasingly important in today’s hasty and ever-changing economy.


Consequently, more and more businesses require real-time information to speed-up their decision-making process, quickly react to market changes and create competitive advantage. 

To address this market need, new cloud-based financial systems such as Sage Financials have introduced a new accounting concept called "dimensional accounting" to deliver unlimited real-time information.  Simply explained, dimensional accounting allows for the tagging of any transaction with dimensional values that you define.  Once created, dimensions are made available throughout the system for a multitude of purposes such as detailed reporting, product description, client information, data categorization, etc... 

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