Sage has informed us that they are still waiting for information from both Canadian & US Governments with respect to the January 2022 tax updates.  As such, they are planning to release an update mid-December with what they have and provide any changes in a late December update.

As usual, if you have any questions or would like our assistance in downloading and installing the upgraded Payroll version and/or tax updates, please contact the office at 613-742-6565/866-649-6565 to schedule a time.  Don’t forget that this should be done prior to your first payroll run for 2021.

In addition to the tax updates, Sage is planning to release some enhancements to both Canadian and US Payroll.  Here is a list of what may be included though note that this is subject to change prior to official release:

  • System can now auto-populate Canadian income tax (Provincial and Federal), US Federal and State tax.
  • Users can assign a default payroll frequency which is automatically selected in ‘Calculate Payroll’ screen.
  • Users can add a ‘Print’ button to the ‘Calculate Payroll’ screen that will print the pre-check register reducing additional steps.
  • Users can add multiple/historical comments on the employee record, similar to comments that exist for AP vendors and AR customers.

The following are also being added to the Canadian Payroll:

  • System now supports multiple ‘T4A – Other information’ boxes (028,104, 105 and 130) for T4A filing including electronic filing.
  • Ability to generate web ROE file for more than 99 employees (was previously limited to only 99 employees).
  • System now defaults province of employment to bank – Previously Alberta was the default province which caused issues for T4 reporting on incorrect province of employment.