Windows Server 2003 reaches End of Life

Windowsserver2003Although it is not always welcomed, there comes a time in the lifecycle of every piece of software when the vendor deems they need to focus their resources on their newer products.  This is the case for Windows Server 2003, whose support is ending July 14, 2015 and also for Windows XP, whose support you may remember ended on April 8th last year

What does this mean to you?

What this effectively means is that Microsoft will no longer issue security updates and patches for any version of Windows Server 2003 resulting in a greater security and reliability risk for companies that choose to continue to use machines running on these platforms.

The end of support for Windows Server 2003 also means that your Sage products will not be supported as they do not provide support for any of its products running on operating systems and database engines that are no longer supported by their vendors.  This is fairly standard stuff as it becomes hard for software vendors as well to ensure that their new software versions run on older platforms.

As a dedicated Sage partner, we want to ensure that as many of our clients as possible are aware of the risks and understand how they may be affected.  If you're not sure if you're running Windows Server 2003, have a look or give us a call and we can discuss a course of action and options that could avoid unpleasant surprises.