The Value of Upgrading ERP

It surprises me sometimes how long some organizations wait to upgrade their ERP system; a system that they rely on daily to run an increasingly larger part of their business and share information across the organization. 

But maybe it shouldn't, given how many issues are always competing for a business's resources.  Or maybe for some organizations, it's a throwback to the days where you installed software on a machine and it continued to run with no additional investment until it was either too old to run on new equipment or was incapable of meeting new requirements. 

Wait a minute...seems to me that those days are long gone. 

Today, keeping up with changing technology can mean maintaining your competitiveness and improving your productivity.  In case you wanted some research to back it up, I thought I'd share a white paper by the Aberdeen Group, a well-known publisher of business performance research, which considers the value of keeping your ERP system up to date. 

Their research finds that "Best-in-Class" mid-market organizations are 94% more likely than "All Others" to be implemented on the latest release and that an updated solution is more likely to be functional, usable, and scalable. It can help them take advantage of the latest technology and produces greater benefits. For example:

• Mid-market organizations on the latest version of their ERP software report a 13% reduction in operational costs, and

• Mid-market organizations on the latest version are 67% more likely than those that are not to have the ability to access ERP from mobile devices.

Explore this valuable resource now to find out why many successful organizations are choosing to upgrade their ERP systems, and get insights into the enhanced capabilities and benefits they gain from implementation.

To learn more download the complete white paper or view a larger image of the infographic below.

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