New Sage CRM Video Channel

Sage recently launched a new Sage CRM video channel where you can  search, filter and stream videos on all aspects of Sage CRM. 

It is a great resource for finding video tutorials on CRM functionality and is very easy to use. 

If you are looking for something specific, you can do a global search.  Or you can use the filters to get down to a subset to browse through and watch.

Start by selecting what type of user you are, whether it be a User, Administrator or Developer, then whether your interest lies in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service or Management.  Then, if you want to limit yourself to videos that are shorter than a specific duration, you can filter between 0 and 30 minute videos or see only videos posted in the last few months.  Or apply a filter for a specific version (7.1,7.2, or cloud) or installation (On Premise or Cloud).

Check it out by clicking image below.

 CRM Video.jpg