Just trying to be a little more social...

 Social Media Bandwagon

Ok...after several years of debating when to make the commitment to social media, we decided 2013 was our year to become a little more social and jump on the social media bandwagon.  This blog, as well as the new look website it is on, is part of this new strategy to open up the discussion with our clients, both existing and prospective.

We didn't want to do everything out there, so we decided we'd start this blog, as well as focus on LinkedIn and Twitter,  as the intermediaries to offer up our content.  Our goal will be to keep the content varied and relevant to our audience of Sage customers and prospects.  However, please bear in mind that this means that some of what we post won't apply to you as there are several core product areas, but using the tags on the blog will allow you to focus in on the topics that are of interest to you.

In addition, you can be sure that we will keep updating the website with News & Events and other Resources for you, as well as sending out the newsletter we launched back in 2003 (still going strong after 105 issues!) for those of you that still prefer to get a monthly synopsis by e-mail. 

So...enough said.  Thanks for reading and we invite you to subscribe to the blog or connect to us in whatever manner works best for you using the round buttons at the top right of the website.