ERP is dead…can I interest you in a Business Management Solution?

ERPThis summer I attended Sage's Worldwide Summit Conference in New Orleans where, the Sage Group's new Chief Executive, Stephen Kelly, boldly announced the "End of ERP" and that Sage would be removing the "ERP" moniker from their product lines in favour of "Business Management Solutions". 

After I got past the fact that, the product we all knew as "ACCPAC" was going to change names for the fifth time in as many years, necessitating a name change to the 100 or so mentions of it on our website, I had to admit that it made sense to me and I liked the simpler "Sage 300" name. 

As a small business person, I remember a time when I didn't know what "ERP" meant, and even after I did, finding it difficult to identify with what an "Enterprise Resource Planning" system was.  Well now, Sage is looking at it from their small and midsize business (SMB) customers' perspective and acknowledging that the term "ERP" can be confusing and intimidating, not to mention synonymous with expensive, complex, big company projects that are risky, and prone to cost overruns and failure.  SMB's, on the other hand, need more affordable, less risky solutions that are able to help them solve problems relatively simply and better manage their businesses.

So going forward, Sage is categorizing many of its solutions as "business management solutions", which strangely enough, years ago, we saw as our main calling when we decided to call ourselves "D&A Business Management Solutions", and focus on helping companies find solutions that would help them in their quest for better information management and automation.  So...can I interest you in a business management solution?