Brand New Look for Sage CRM 7.3

Sage Crm 7 3

The new year has brought with it, Sage CRM version 7.3, the latest release of Sage's highly flexible and easy to use customer relationship management system. 

At the top of the list of updates is a new contemporary interface which improves on the user experience and allows for quicker access to the information you're after.  It is delivered via a new Contemporary theme design which means that new users will default to this look but existing users can choose to adopt the new look or stay with the interface they are familiar with.  I like the way the left hand Main Menu have been moved to be one-click dropdown items at the top of the screen as well as the grouping of the Recent list (to quickly jump to recent records), Global Search, and Alert Notification features in the top right corner of the screen.

MailchimpFor marketing, Version 7.3 brings MailChimp integration: the ability to launch targeted e-mail campaigns directly from CRM using the popular, easy to use e-mail marketing platform MailChimp, which offers free blasts of up to 2000 e-mails per month and a host of templates to get you going quickly.  This MailChimp integration allows existing MailChimp account holders to link up their existing accounts or new users can easily create a new one.  Contacts or target lists (called Groups in Sage CRM) can be shared with MailChimp and results of your campaign in terms of opens, clicks and bounces can be seen in CRM so that you can manage your follow-up efforts.

Next, Sage CRM 7.3 offers new productivity and decision-making tools for sales users and managers, referred to as the Business Accelerator Suite.  It includes two new pre-configured management dashboards, namely the Sales KPI for Managers and Sales Metrics for Managers to help close more sales and make better decisions as well as a new sales workflow and preconfigured alerts and notifications.

Lastly, the mobile experience has been enhanced by offering a consistent interface across all your devices directly from your browser.  In addition, the iPhone app has been updated and an Android version is expected out shortly.

Although it's available now online and for non-integrated installs, we are looking forward to the Sage 300 ERP integrated version which is expected out at the end of March.

For more specifics on this release, you can download the Sage CRM 7.3 Release Preview Document or watch the recorded webcast to see it in action.