What's New in Sage 300 2018

Sage 300 2018

Back in August of 2017, Sage released Sage 300 2018 with a fresh, modern look and feel for the classic desktop screens that most of you use as well as the visual process flows.  The appealing new UI includes a ribbon for tools and controls that used to be in menus and a toolbar.  The Sage 300c web screens continue to see improvements as well. 

This initial release was followed up in February 2018 with Product update 1 which included improvements in both Sage 300c web screens and Sage 300 classic screens.  Some of you who send emails to customers or vendors will be happy to know you can now send copies (cc) of the emails that you send to one or more addresses.  You can also now customize Sage 300 so users see only companies for which they have security rights when they sign on.  Lastly, if you wanted to know when you last ran day-end processing you can now see when it was last run.

Product Update 2, released in April is now available as well and contains new enhancements, features and fixes designed to improve overall functionality, compliance and user experience.  One nice thing which will make updates more efficient is the simplification of the process for updating workstations by removing the need to uninstall the workstation setup prior to installing the new one.  Of particular note for those doing business with the European Union who will need to meet the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation that comes into effect on May 25, Sage has created a new Data Anonymizer tool to allow you to report and remove information for any EU citizen from Sage 300.  To learn more about how the GDPR impacts companies outside the EU, you can visit this link or watch this video.  For customers using the Sage 300c web screens, there has been improvements in how customers are able to select different report formats by introducing a Finder function.  And lastly, there is also a new payroll cheque exporter for Canadian Payroll that let you export data from payroll cheques to excel to help analyze payroll history.

If you have yet to familiarize yourself with Sage 300 2018, you can see a full summary of improvements here in the Sage 300 2018 Release notes, including both product updates.