Moving Towards the Paperless Office

With the recent announcements from Canada Post including a probability of significant postage rate increases in the neighbourhood of 35%, has the time come to rethink the standard practice of mailing your invoices and statements?

Many of you may still not be aware that Sage ERP 300 has the ability to email these documents for you at very little cost and with an almost instant return.  We configured this functionality internally over a year ago now, and have found that we are receiving our payments faster in addition to the 95% drop in our postage costs.  Add onto that the repurposing of the administration time that was spent printing, folding, and stuffing envelopes and I think you'll agree that it's an effort well worth planning for in 2014!

And while you're at may want to consider issuing your vendor payments electronically by implementing the Electronic Funds Transfer module for Sage 300 ERP.  This is another one that we implemented last year in our quest to become paperless and while this one has costs for licencing, setup and training, it will also save you on the postage as well as the administration time and resources spent printing, folding and stuffing envelopes.  You may find this one to be worthwhile to your organization over the long term…we sure did!