Important Tax Table Info for Sage 300 Payroll

Sage 300 PayrollIn our ongoing efforts to keep our Sage community apprised of key information, we wanted to let organization's using the Sage 300 Payroll module know of some changes that will impact their ability to generate an accurate, up-to-date payroll in the new year.


First thing you want to do is check your Payroll version in Sage 300 by going to Help ► System Information.  Then consider the following:


If you're using Payroll version 6.0 or prior (which could include some installations of Sage 300 6.1/2012 and all prior Sage 300 versions) you should be looking to upgrade your Sage 300 system by December 31, 2015 to continue to receive tax table updates.


If you're using Payroll versions 7.0 and 7.1 (which would include some installations of Sage 300 version 6.1/2012 and 6.2/2014) will simply need to upgrade their Payroll module to 7.2 prior to installing the new tax tables.


As for those of you planning to upgrade to the exciting new 2016 version being released in early November, it will have 7.2 Payroll included.


If you are not sure what you have or want some guidance, give the office a call and we'd be glad to review your situation.