New Name and Improvements for Sage 300 Payroll

With the release of Product Update 1 (PU1) for Sage 300 ERP 2012 there is a new version of the Payroll module, along with a new name.   In Canada, it will now carry the name of "Sage HRMS Payroll for Sage 300 ERP Version 7.0" or “Sage HRMS Canadian Payroll 2012” and is available as a separate download and installation from the PU1 itself.   These changes are a reflection of the decision by Sage to use Sage 300's payroll (formerly Sage ERP Accpac Payroll) as their single payroll module across all their mid-market products, including Sage's human resources solution, aptly named Sage HRMS.  This will focus development resources onto a single product, thereby increasing the pace of improvements.  This update is proof of this fact as it includes many more feature improvements for payroll than you would typically see in a Product Update.

Here are a few of my favourite improvements from the Canadian Edition:

  • The Addition of a Payroll Tax number for each company or database, which can now be used for reporting purposes.
  • The Addition of a  new Common Deduction Limits screen which can be used to associate multiple deductions based on a single limit and ensure that employee deductions do not exceed defined annual maximums.
  • The management of Worker's Compensation has been improved in an effort to provide a complete picture of the employer cost associated with a cheque run.  Reports have been adjusted as well to factor in these changes.
  • The cheque printing has new enhanced security to limit access by user to print cheques for employees to which access is restricted.
  • The ability to enter  both federal (EIR) and Quebec (QEIR) Employment Insurance rates for employees working in Quebec and another province.

For more details on these and other enhancements, read this post from Sage's Chief Architect Steve Smith.