If you’ve been looking to leverage your existing Sage 300 data for more efficiency and automation in your organization, then you might want to consider Sage Alerts & Workflow, a third party solution that can monitor your Sage & other applications for any business conditions that are critical to the success of your organization.  

Not only can it tell you what has happened, but sometimes more importantly, what hasn’t happened such as identifying clients who have not purchased in ‘x’ days.   

So if you’ve had overdue invoices that had to be written off, orders lost because of stock outages or lost opportunities because they weren’t followed-up then you know what “business conditions” I’m referring to. 

Add to this the ability to automatically generate and deliver your Sage 300 Crystal Reports in your favourite format on your pre-determined schedule and you might find yourself with a serious increase in productivity.

If this sounds like something that can move your organization in the right direction then consider attending our upcoming webcast on how to leverage your Sage 300 data to become a data-driven organisation.