Calculating the Return on Employee Investment (ROEI™)

In a previous post, we discussed Sage's concept of Return on Employee Investment (ROEI™)  which focuses on the cost of have to replace valuable employees as opposed to working to retain existing talent and how the investment in employee management programs can have a positive effect on an organization's performance and productivity.  Most executives would be the first to tell you that the success of their business depends on their employees.  They should be considered critical assets that need to be properly managed and nurtured  so that the business can continue to grow and become more productive and profitable.

Sage has developed a spreadsheet calculator that will help you calculate the Return on Employee Investment(ROEI™) for your organization.   A positive return on employee investment occurs in companies that take a strategic approach to talent management as they have a lower turnover rate and double the amount of revenue per employee through higher engagement.

Download the Calculator to  crunch the figures for your organization