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Welcome to our new blog aptly named "Sage Advice"  since we are dedicated to solutions by Sage.  It will appeal to you if you are currently a customer or are interested in information related to Sage products.  Our initial focus will be on the Sage's ERP solutions, Sage HRMS & Sage CRM as well as on related news & events. 

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Thank you for your interest in our company and Sage products.  We encourage you to  weigh in on the discussion if you have thoughts you would like to share with the community and always welcome your feedback through the Contact Us form.

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The new year has brought with it, Sage CRM version 7.3, the latest release of Sage's highly flexible and easy to use customer relationship management system.  At the top of the list of updates is a...

If you're an HR executive, have you considered the impact that employee self-service could have on your organization.  Here's a great blog post that outlines why employee self-service matters.  Click ...

Sage Mobile Sales App gets update

Just over a year ago, Sage introduced the launch of a series of cloud-based mobile solutions that connected to their on-premise ERP system.  We jumped on board with this new mobile strategy as we cou...

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