What Makes Us Different

How can your business profit from using D&A?

Your business can profit by leveraging the value we provide in reducing the risk inherent in implementing and managing any major system.

Starting with #10…here are the top ten reasons to choose D&A. 

#10. Product Offering - We offer our clients a complete set of world-class solutions for small to midsize businesses that integrate with the core accounting system.

#9. Remote Support Capability - We offer remote access support at regular rates for urgent problems & out of town clients.

#8. Bilingual Service - We offer our services in both official languages.

#7. Third-Party Expertise - We have acquired a broad base of knowledge & experience of add-on solutions to Sage products to accommodate more specific business needs and industries.

#6. Team Size - We have the largest local team of Sage 300 ERP consultants, ensuring that you will always be able to get timely support.

#5. Project Management - We are the only Team to have a dedicated Project Manager using a structured project management implementation methodology designed from best practices.

#4. Focus - We are focused solely on implementing and supporting Sage and related Third-Party business solutions and not on IT or accounting services. This enhances the speed of acquisition and depth of our expertise. We work with you and your IT.

#3. Expertise - We use a multi-disciplinary Team approach to expertise as no single person has all the constantly changing information and knowledge required for today's complex integrated systems.

#2. Experience - We have extensive experience in virtually every industry as a result of doing implementations since 1993.

And the top reason to choose D&A is:

#1. We answer the phone - We know our voicemail can't help you so during office hours we make sure someone is there to answer your call.